About Us

What are we all about?

  • The primary focus of Stem Sports is to bring athletes closer to their fans. We work alongside a number of high profile athletes and aim to bring them closer to you in a number of ways.
  • Our services range from arranging after-dinner speaking to coaching sessions.
  • Stem Sports consists of a team of professionals who collaborate on a day to day basis with educational establishments, professional sports leagues and corporate enterprises.
  • We continue to grow our relations with professional athletes who in turn provide a professional service to customers of varying requirements.
  • We have successfully represented numerous coaches and athletes who have been appointed positions within popular leagues around the world.
  • We offer a unique communal service where we spot talent during our visits to schools. This is followed up with a structured progress plan which enables the athlete to enhance their achievements and successes via our associations.
  • Our unique service also offers athletes the opportunity of developing their personal skills via our high quality and fully accredited short courses.